$VICS |Ambitious DEFI Gem| 1 week old 🔥100M MarketCap📰Mainstream PR

1 min readJul 2, 2021


The World’s First Decentralized Crypto Trading Bot Marketplaces

The hottest DEFI for this summer vacation

Strong Fundamental Defi BSC

Crypto trading bots Marketplace

EASY 100X, VICS to the moon!

Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo, 200+ sites are telling the world about VICS

Moonshot DEFI project

Product launching, Market exploding in July

✅ Telegram Chat https://t.me/RoboFi_VICS

✅ Website: https://www.robofi.io/

Coming this July!:

Upcoming Plans/Events

-Increase holders to 2500

-Logo request on trust wallet

-Target to be on poocoin trending

-List on coinmarketcap

-List on central exchange

-MVP(V1 platform) release by end of July


-More engaged in Youtubers, Twitter influencers

- Major influencers are on board with more coming soon!

Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-06-14/robofi-launches-its-power-ecosystem-fueled-by-vics-token

About RoboFi $VICS

RoboFi has determined the serious need for a transparent Defi platform that is backed by enhanced security. To achieve its goal, extensive knowledgebase and technology were added as leverages in creating its current ecosystem–RoboFi.

RoboFi combines traditional fintech and blockchain technology, to provide a next-level revolutionary crypto trading bots marketplace technology that is secure and transparent

📍Network — Binance Smart Chain

📍Contract — 0x9bcab88763c33a95e73bc6dcf80fcf27a77090b2

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