DEFI Review: RoboFi — The revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots Maketplace| Promising DEFI Gem

RoboFi is a Defi platform that offers a marketplace for revolutionary Dao crypto trading bots with IBO (Initial Bots Offering) to maximize earning opportunities in easy, simple, and secure way.

The RoboFi ecosystem is based off the DAO principle with the community adding value to the ecosystem without the existence of a centralized authority or leadership.

The ecosystem consists of:

- RoboFi Botstore: Select a DAO trading bot, Seize your earning opportunities

- RoboFi Earn: Risk-free, enjoy earning rewards.

- RoboFi Lending: Decentralized lending platform

- RoboFi Exchange: Be the value bot owner through IBO

- RoboFi Game: decentralized lucky draw

- Decentralized auto trading bots: trading bots with special trading strategies, automatic operation and verified PNL

RoboFi removes all barriers and bridges users to developers, bringing them closer than ever.

The VICS token functions in the following aspects of the ecosystem:

- The token is used for staking, which, in turn, is utilized by our existing crypto trading bots to trade in different exchanges.

- The token is used to buy the rights of the bots available in the DAO marketplace.

- The token is used to host community events like lucky draws and other games that would encourage movement and interaction between its members.

This will be one of the best Defi projects of 2012.

The most comprehensive and valuable decentralized crypto trading bot ecosystem at your fingertips.

Secure & transparent automated 24/7 CEX & DEX trading by decentralized trading bots

Become an owner of DAO Crypto Trading Bots though IBO (Initial Bots Offering).

No-risk Staking opportunities.

And many other great earning opportunities.




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